Infrared Services

Power Distribution

Why do I need an electrical infrared inspection?


  • Locate Anomalies


  • Prevent Failures

  • Improve Safety

What does a thermal infrared inspection do for me?

PM Tech in Indiana understands that Infrared Services are vital for industrial businesses. The purpose is to locate problems in their early stages. Failing components, high resistance connections, and load imbalances can lead to serious damage and costly downtime. Non-contact ultrasound is also employed in electrical inspections to locate potential failures due to corona, arcing, and tracking conditions.

Mechanical Infrared Inspections

Why do I need a mechanical infrared inspection?


  • Capture Baseline

  • Locate Anomalies

  • Prevent Failures

What does a mechanical infrared inspection do for me?

The purpose is to locate problems developing before failures occur. Excess heat degrades equipment. The inspection establishes a thermal baseline as well as immediate concerns that need to be addressed. Contact ultrasound on equipment is also employed to help identify developing problems and potential failures to equipment while under load.

Flat Roof Inspections

Why do I need a flat

roof  inspection?


  • Early Leak Detection

  • Locate Sub Surface Moisture

  • Warranty Protection

What can a flat roof inspection do for me?

Roof structures are one of the costliest parts of a building. Flat roof infrared inspections pinpoint leak locations, and future leak locations in sub-surface layers from cracks and entry points. A flat roof will hold moisture creating leaks unless it can evaporate. Flat roof inspections locate these ‘hot’ spots; which are then marked and mapped for repair thus avoiding costly repairs and damage to a facility and its contents.

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