Compressed Air/Gases

Airborne/Structure Borne

Why do I need Airborne/ Structure Borne?


  • Locate Anomalies


  • Prevent Failures


  • Improve Operations

What does Airborne/Structure Borne do for me?

PM Tech in Indiana use Ultrasound Inspections in conjunction with Infrared and vibration or it can be used independently both with contact and non-contact applications. Contact ultrasound on rotating equipment can locate developing problems and potential failures by listening to the equipment while in operation. Non-contact ultrasound is used in compressed air/gas leak inspections to pinpoint a leak location. Non-contact ultrasound is also used in electrical inspections to identify corona, arcing, and tracking conditions.

Compressed air/gas leak surveys

Why do I need  Compressed air/gas leak surveys?


  • Reduce Utility Costs


  • Improve Efficiencies


  • Reduce Carbon Footprint

What does Compressed Air/Gas Surveys do for me?

Indiana's PM Tech uses Compressed air/gas leak surveys and ultrasound technology to locate and quantify pressurized leaks, the waste, the utility cost, the operating cost, the compressor/s efficiency, and to reduce the carbon footprint. We tag, photograph, report, and quantify the leak type, waste, and the cost of each leak.  Documented savings from our surveys can be used to generate utility rebates.

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