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PM TECH specializes in predictive maintenance technologies. Our core services utilize thermal infrared, machine vibration analysis, and portable ultrasound to provide superior inspections on power distribution equipment, rotating mechanical equipment, compressed air/gas systems, and building envelope operations. We collect data with every inspection to monitor, measure, and trend operating parameters properly, and to locate and identify anomalies prior to failure.

PM TECH is certified with ASNT, ANSI, and UE Systems.

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PM TECH's process begins with an onsite visit to the facility to gain an understanding of what is needed and discuss all logistics and concerns with key personnel. After every inspection and service we share our analysis and findings in detailed reports with conclusions. Our goals are to minimize your risk, reduce your failure, and ultimately save you money. 

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We are committed to providing professional support to our customers and their processes. We have years of experience in industrial and commercial maintenance, installations, start-ups, and related practices.


We hold certifications from leading training companies: Snell Infrared, Vibration Institute, and UE Ultrasound Systems. We have the experience to support the work that we perform and we maintain our certifications as required by each standard​.


We are an OSHA approved company. Our personnel have general, and specific safety training including PPE, ESWP, and we comply with all applicable standards and requirements.


We maintain our calibrations on test equipment, and we update our equipment as necessary for standards and compliance requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is predictive maintenance and condition monitoring?

Predictive maintenance (PdM) is maintenance that monitors the performance and condition of equipment during normal operation to reduce the likelihood of failures. The goal of predictive maintenance is to first predict equipment failure, then prevent the failure through corrective maintenance procedures, and finally prevent future failures through regularly schedule monitoring.

This strategy of frequent inspections for continual monitoring of power and equipment is known as condition monitoring. Predictive maintenance cannot exist without condition monitoring, which is why sometimes these terms are used interchangeably.

Why does my business need PdM?

Predictive maintenance technologies were developed by the United States military to provide superior operating procedures that are necessary in critical situations all over the world. Today, these technologies have become portable and practical for use in many other applications. Manufacturing and health care are two industries that rely on expensive equipment, extensive electrical systems, and large infrastructure. As a result, it is especially critical for companies in these two industries to invest in predictive maintenance services. Often, incorporating predictive maintenance practices ends up saving organizations time and money by preventing downtime and failures, improving efficiency and safety, and lowering insurance costs.


PM TECH is the only predictive maintenance company in the area that offers a combination of infrared inspections, vibration analysis, and compressed air/gas leak surveys to provide a complete picture of the health of all your equipment. PM TECH's technicians are certified with ASNT for infrared and portable ultrasound inspections and with ANSI to conduct vibration analysis. With over 30 years of combined experience working with many high-profile industrial and healthcare facility clients, PM TECH's approach is guaranteed to help your business find problems before they cause you problems.