Covid-19 Update

— Grider, Kevin

PM TECH owner

In response to recent events, health & safety Infrared scans are available to our customers and their employees.  PM TECH wants to assist in the recovery.

PM TECH specializes in predictive technologies. Based in the great state of Indiana our core services utilize thermal infrared, portable ultrasound, and machine vibration analysis to provide certified inspections and maintenance support with power distribution, mechanical equipment, and building operations. We monitor, measure, and trend operating parameters to locate and identify anomalies prior to failures. We assist with commissioning new operations, start-ups, and PM compliance. Our customers benefit from a partnership with technical support services that help minimize risk and reduce failure”.

Our Process

Begins with an onsite visit to the facility to gain an understanding of what is needed and to discuss all concerns and logistics with key personnel. Every inspection and service is concluded with analysis and reports on findings and solutions. Our goals are to minimize your risks, reduce your failures, and save you money. 


PM TECH has saved businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars by implementing repair procedures based on electrical anomalies, mechanical anomalies and other findings.

Infrared Services

Vibration analysis

compressed air/gases



We are committed to providing technical maintenance support to our customers and their processes. We have years of experience in industrial and commercial maintenance, installations, start-ups, and related practices.


We hold certifications from leading training companies; Snell Infrared, Vibration Institute, and UE Ultrasound Systems. We have the experience to support the work that we perform and we maintain our certifications as required by each standard​.


We are an OSHA approved company. Our personnel have general, and specific safety training including PPE, ESWP, and we comply with all applicable standards and requirements.


We maintain our calibrations on test equipment, and we update our equipment as necessary for standards and compliance requirements.

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